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One of the first clues we receive about the efficacy of our leadership is that people who follow us are “winning.”

We can define “winning” for any path but there must be evidence of a leader’s impact. An organization cannot win if the individuals within the organization are not winning.

Most leaders begin with an intention to be focused on the people on their team. Perhaps most leaders even focus on processes to help people achieve their goals. But along the way, we often see leaders who shift from participative to controlling.

Perhaps we could even say the diminished leader moved from love-based leadership to controlling leadership. When a leader exerts influence to control his team, it is often without spiritual input.

Spiritual leadership is not controlling. It gives life. It speaks to what could be. It encourages, exhorts and edifies.

When we are driven by controlling methods of leadership, we are driven by the flesh. Perhaps we read the wrong book. Too many leadership books extol the value of flesh-work.

The fruit of Spirit-based leadership is love. When we love less, we try to control more. A loving leader prays for his team and asks God to help the worker improve if improvement is needed. Prayer changes the outcomes for people and organizations.

If your leadership style has shifted from a focus on progress to a style of controlling others, seek the Lord for guidance.

Spirit-led leaders release control to the Lord


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