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List: StarTimes adds new channels on Sh. 599 basic bouquet

StarTimes Kenya has added new channels on its Basic Bouquet. This bouquet now retails at Sh. 599. The newly added channels include Fox Life, National Geographic Wild.

About Fox Life

Fox Life is a television network, launched by the Fox Broadcasting Company. Its basic programming include numerous television series, sitcoms and movies, among others, which includes some original programming.

About Nat Geo Wild

is a cable/satellite TV channel focused primarily on wildlife and natural historyprogramming. It is a sister network to National Geographic Channel and it is the latest channel to be jointly launched by the National Geographic Society and Fox Cable Networks. It first launched in Hong Kong on January 1, 2006. The channel remains the world’s first bilingual wildlife service.

Although it has been previously available on DSTV’s packages which are widely acknowledged as expensive, viewers will no longer have to part with so much money to access the package. this is because it is now part of the Sh. 599 basic bouquet on StarTimes.

Below are the other channels available on this bouquet:

1). ST Zone on Channel 054.

2). Channel 10 on Channel 113

3). ST Kung Fu on Chanel 150

4). ST Sports Focus on Channel 250

5). Al Jazeera on Channel 301

6). Jim Jam on Channel 360

7). Iqra on Channel 452

8). Sino Drama on Channel 058

9). E Stars on Channel 122

10). ST Swahili on Channel 160

11) CCTV News on Channel 280

12) Smile of a Child on Channel 366

13) ST Music on Channel 400

14) God TV on Channel 456

15) Emmanuel TV on Channel 454

16) PPP on Channel 430

17) Zee Cinema on Channel 507

18) Family TV on Channel 457

19) MCS Extreme on Channel 264

20) CNC on Channel 281

21) Animaux on Channel 235

22) BBC World News on Channel 300

23) CCTV 9 Documentary on Channel 231

24) UBC on Channel 117

25 ST Triple P on Channel 428

26) Da Vinci Learning on Channel 363

27) Nickelodeon on Channel 357

28) ST Swahili Bollywood on Channel 501

29) ETV on Channel 156

30) AMC Movies on Channel 018

31) AMC on Channel 017

32) ST Novela on Channel 063

33) Wap TV on Channel 125

34) Njata TV on Channel 126

35) MCS on Channel 262

36) Ebru Africa on Channel 109

37)  TVC on Channel 307

Interestingly, this package also includes bonus sports channels such as Sports Arena, Sports Premium, World Football, and Sports Life.


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