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“We Made It This Far Because God Was On Our Side”, Young Kajiado Deputy Governor Says

“When we went into this campaign, I never thought we will reach far. It was your will and determination to back us in kind that gave us enormous energy to walk this long path,” Moshisho said.

Moshisho put up a campaign through youth mobilization in Jubilee side that brought to nil the ambitions of Nasa candidates in the political arena.

He, along with other players his age kept the fire burning, though with little resources, he disengaged a more dynamic side of governor David Nkedianye that had all the financial resources at hand.

Moshisho said they made it in the race because they believed God stood on their side, and that they never despaired even when there were no resources to help them move on.

Before Moshisho was named by Governor Joseph ole Lenku to be his running mate in the governor race, he was already putting up a serious campaign against Matapato North MCA Lesalaon Seki in his quest to become the next ward member.

Even while he was campaigning for the ward seat, financial resources for this former student leader at Mt. Kenya University were not forthcoming. He was a jobless youth in the village after completing his university education at the time.

With a wife, Beatrice Martine and a several months old baby son, Moshisho went down to pray hard for heavens to open up opportunities for them.

As if his creator was around the corner to listen to the young family cries, heavens opened up when Lenku passed by Matapato North ward and identified a partner in race for governor.

He walked out of his house as he assured his young family that all will be well, and indeed all went well and he is now the proudest young father with a salary of some Sh900, 000 that comes with an official car, a government house and armed body guards to watch on him and family round the clock.


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