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Why We Make a Mess of Things

Entropy is defined as “a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder.”

Entropy is what all organizations and organisms must fight against. The second law of thermodynamics loosely holds that all matter moves toward disorganization.

Organizations tend to become disorganized.

Consider a closet in a home. It is cleaned on a spring holiday. The result is a nice, neat space for everything, and everything is in place.

How long does it take for the closet to become disorganized? The answer to that question is largely an issue of concern to the closet organizer.

The job of the closet leader is to create negative entropy. That is also the job of leaders. Love abounds and growth continues only when the leader is intentional about growth.

It is a matter of endurance. We must endure through success and the inevitable storms that fuel decay and dissolution.

A love-driven leader grabs a lifeline and works with great attention to sustain the heartbeat of the organization.

Negative entropy can occur only when we take action. Sometimes the action is something internal for the leader. Circumstances may impact an organization, and the leader feels an inherent need for a change. Often the impact of entropy creates a need to redesign systems and processes.

Vibrant, healthy organizations with a loving leader at the helm can achieve negative entropy. Loving actions are intentional. Negative entropy is only achieved by diligent intention.

We can learn from the example of Moses as a leader of Israel. Moses loved his people. He led with intention.

Ultimately Moses persevered because he saw Him who is invisible. Moses’ faith and his strong desire to sustain his people kept him focused on God.

God was Moses’ source to lead his people toward negative entropy


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