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Mansura Gospel Singer Tells Of His Musical Journey, And How He Once Felt Deserted By God

I usually write my songs from a personal experience. When I recorded Mbwira, I was actually in a crisis, coz I can remember very well it was in December. I was coming from up country to visit my parents and when I was heading back to my house at around 10:30. Getting to my house, I couldn’t get in coz there were two padlocks. So this situation hit me and I remembered the stories I hear from other people about being locked out of their house and the same thing was now happening to me. That was the moment I started writing my songs coz I was feeling bad coz I couldn’t pay rent, I have to ask friends to accommodate me, my friends are doing better than me and if they hear that I’m in this situation, they would mock me. So writing the song was on a personal level,” he explained.


On whether he has received support from family and friends, he said, “I’ve always been supported by my family. I’ve been under a group called BMF. They mentored me ever since I started my music career. In 2014 we did a song together called highly favoured, which was well received.”

Watch the full interview below:


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