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This May Be What’s Missing in Your Worship Experience

Many times I have heard my wife say, “Hmmm, something is missing,” as she held a spoon to her lips from a pan cooking some of her delectable goodies.

She would go to the cupboard, put a dash of spice into the pan and taste again, after giving the pot a good stir. It may need a bit more spice, or she might nod her head in agreement it was just right.

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“Oh, taste and see,” King David encourages, “that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).

It is interesting that God placed in our spirit the same five senses He created in the human body?

They are the gifts of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, enabling the human race to live in relationship with God’s creation.

Those same sensors enable the human race to live in relationship with the spirit realm. When animated by the Holy Spirit, a person can enjoy the beauty, fragrance and nearness of God’s presence.

Awareness of an evil presence or the discernment of a demonic spirit may also be realized through the same senses.

The psalmist is encouraging us to “taste and see” the goodness of our God.

When reading a Christian novel, watching a Christian program, listening to Christian music or participating in a Christian worship celebration, the spiritual senses should experience the character and the nature of God.

The individual should taste the flavor of His holiness, see the beauty of His radiance, smell the fragrance of His love, experience the weight of His glory, and hear the call of His mercy and grace.


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