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This May Be Why You’re Struggling to Hear God’s Voice

Many people don’t hear more from the Lord because they don’t spend enough time in prayer and Bible reading.They just don’t spend enough time with God! Think about it: How is it you recognize a person’s voice? It’s not from studying about her; it’s from spending time with her. Isn’t that true? We recognize God’s voice by taking the time to get to know Him more. It’s as simple as that!
This doesn’t seem to be a very popular line of thinking today. In days gone by, it was a common teaching for Christians to spend a daily time in prayer and Bible study with the Lord. It even had little nicknames like “quiet time,” “QT” or “devo time.” Today, though, it’s almost not politically correct to discuss this. The emphasis is on flexibility. Maybe some Christians think spending a daily time with God is too legalistic. I’m not sure why, but I do know that Christians spend much less time with God every day than they did in years gone by. Of course we’re having a hard time recognizing God’s voice. It’s being muffled by our own busy lives.God loves being with us. I remember a song by Larnelle Harris called I Miss My Time with You. It’s written from the perspective of how God misses us when we’re too busy to be with Him. It’s true. After all, He’s our “Abba Father.” He loves us like a daddy would.


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