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Mercy Masika Having Been Married Close To A Decade, Has Confessed This Very Sweet Thing She Has Done In Her Marriage

When you look at them they are that loving couple, they look just friendly together. Mercy Masika and husband, to have your friend as your spouse is a good thing, because the bible says love covers many things 1 cor 13:7-8.So, is in marriage.

But to an extend that both of you share a bank accounts it’s has become. Nowadays everybody wants to keep his finances as secret, just to yourself and nobody should have an idea how much you have.


But Mercy Masika has just surprised or is it shocked everyone after she confessed that she shares her bank account with her husband. After charming everyone with her music mercy has done it again.

Mercy has been married to close to a decade to her husband and has two children. She says she knows her husband well to trust him and she has no worries.

“Openness is key in a relationship,” said Masika. “We handle each other’s mail.” added the singer in an interview with The Standard Newspaper, revealing they also share social media passwords.
“The secret to a lasting relationship is keeping no secrets from each other,” said the singer.
“We have a joint bank account though he’s in charge of our money.” Why is he in charge, why not you?
“If I managed our money, I would probably finish it on shoes and clothes,” she said.
Just like Size 8, mercy has showed lots of women the right way to go….though a bit hard to some.
She confessed that she loves shoes, and that at one point she bought shoes worthy 9000. She says that she sometimes regret her spending but.
That’s Mercy Masika Mugure.


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