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When Ministry Gets Tough

But know our God is always carrying out His purpose. Through your life and ministry, He is always working. He is humbling but deepening us. He is pruning but growing us. He is breaking but preparing us. Yes, our God is always working out His plan for our lives and ministries.


4. God is preparing you for the future

We just do not get it at times. We think so much about the present that we fail to shift our eyes to the future. While now is always important, God sees the end from the beginning.

Through tough times in ministry, God prepares you for the future. He knows where He is preparing you to go and what He wants you to do when He gets you there. He knows where you need to be personally in order to maximize you for the things He has prepared you to do publicly. God is preparing you for the future.

When You Face Tough Times Again


When you face tough times again in ministry, please remember:

• God is in control

• God will see you through

• God is carrying out His purpose

• God is preparing you for the future

Therefore, all is well.