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More than Just a Baby

Any need you have in life and in the changing landscape of your mosaic can be answered by this Jesus.  If you need wisdom or strength He will be your Counselor; if you need a mountain moved, He is your Mighty God; if you need comfort, forgiveness and gentle healing, He is your everlasting Father; and if your heart is anxious and troubled He will be Peace to you.  Jesus…. our rock and our hope! Jesus … our cause for joy!

Let your heart pause with thankfulness as you prepare for Christmas.  Look at the manger scene with the fresh wonder of all He is to you. Let joy seep into the changes of your life.  No need, no change that you face will not be encompassed by all He is…so much more than just a baby! Invite Him into your changes! Let joy fill your soul.

Prayer & reflection: Heavenly Father, Fill my heart with the fresh wonder of what that first Christmas means for me… today.  Thank you that today or in the future, any need I have can be encompassed by You, Jesus. Let joy flood into my soul as I lean on You to be my Wonderful Counselor, my Mighty God, my Everlasting Father and my Prince of Peace!  Help me to look with expectation to what You will do in my life… and fill me with Your joy!  In Jesus name I pray, Amen


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