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Nicah The Queen Is Up With A New Song ” Naringa”

Nicah the Queen is a female gospel artiste. She has released a new song called Naringa. A lot of things inspired her to write the song but mostly its her experiences.

“I have been through ups and downs and God kept me strong. He has seen me through, healed my heart and made me whole again, so I have every right to and reason ya kuringa na yeye.”

This is a song that God placed in her heart and she felt like singing it.


Nicah is from Veronica and she believes that she is a queen in the kingdom of God. She explained;

“I didn’t want to go with Vero because its too common so I went with the last part of it and then the queen I believe I’m a queen in the kingdom of God.”

She has been quiet for a while, its almost 1 year 3months since she released her last song. It has not been easy for her to balance being a mother and her music career. She said;

“It looks like its easy. Now that that the baby is grown its a bit better, you know when the baby is young its really hard trying to balance things with music thats why I haver been quiet for a while. Its just by the grace of God.”

Here is the new song

So far Nicah got positive feedback about her song;

KABI WAJESUS: Minaringa nayeye kesho for my wedding

Adamia Leshurr: wow,nicah i had missed this voice.song is dope

MrDANCCO: Always a blessing sister.

kalung’e Sharon: 😘😘😘naringa na yesu is dope

Zawady Musiq: I love the song,the vocals 🔥…the outfit still on point God bless

Joe Kandie: Kanipenda bure bure buree 🎤🎶🎶 Psalm 136:26 Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.

Ashley wanji: Wow! Am speechless this song is amazing this is a hit🤜..my favourite song right now.good job my girl


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