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Nigerian Pastor Dishes Money To People In Millions

Church has been a good place of worshiping God. And, Yes its only God who gives blessings without sorrow as the bible says. The Blessings of our God addeth no sorrow and you enjoy the blessings when they are from your maker.


But sometimes some of his servants can do things which amuse people and wonder the acts such as this. A Pastor in Nigeria, anambra State, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere (a.k.a Odumeje) caused uproar online when he threw money from his car as politicians do, the cash was up for grabs for everyone around.

The video shows him dishing money to people from his expensive Germany guzzlers. I felt that giving is not wrong but the way you do it matters. Dishing of money from huge German machine, people scrumbling for the cash. Be courteous as a man of God.Aren’t they people of God? It’s good to treat them like so. Organize statistics and properly share your blessings.

This are some of the reasons people tend to think ministry has been all about money pride, show off and never about the Lord our Jesus. Ministers now have changed every way of serving the lord Jesus and has been personal and what to get out it. Their dressing of designer clothes, driving guzzler machines to living in posh estates. Has been the focus.

And questions are left for you to answer. Some are said to be using other powers, to acquire wealth and fame. Because the people of God are not getting the spiritual nourishment they yearn and are looking for. People of God lets live a life worthy our master.

Watch the video below:




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