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A Nun Shocks Many After Wasting Acohol Like Water

Alcohol consumption is usually associated with worldly people and not Christians, even so there have cases of nuns spotted with liquor in public.

Maybe alcohol consumption has been permitted by the Vatican since we keep on seeing Catholic nuns buying or consuming liquor in public.

Sometimes in 2015, an elderly Catholic nun caused a stir when she was seen buying packs of Guinness beer at a liquor store.

Then there was also a case of another nun spotted buying cans of Tusker.

The latest case of nun with liquor has also caused ripples online; another Catholic nun was seen in viral photo quaffing Smirnoff Vodka as she smiled.

See some of the comments the photo generated:

Atwech Nyandori: Mother Teresa must hear this igweeeeeeee

Slyhouston Leyla:  Kuonja si mbaya… Hahaha

Chepchumba Emilly: Niokotwe Ndhoya hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

George Ochieng: Otieno Divine.

Wuod Rose Nyar Alal: 1st Timothy 5;23. It reccomends what this nun is doing. Its within the bible constitution


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