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Open Letter To Eunice Njeri On Her Marriage

So it is all out now! The reason why Eunice Njeri dumped her hubby of 24-hours. The gospel star revealed why in a candid Facebook live video.

Check out the video.

 Kenyan men are livid.

How can one of their own be left hanging like that, bila mpangilio? How?

One fan of rapper Izzo, wrote an open letter to Eunice Njeri asking her some pertinent issues.

Chris Munyao wrote,

“Hi, question here, why did you have to wait for so long to turn back, If one is prayerful and fasting often you hear well from God you will know early enough that YOU DO NOT HAVE PEACE. HOSEA 4:6 read that and knowledge is vast, word of knowledge, books etc and sad enough ask many Christians how many books on marriage they have read they start defensive stories….you know marriages are all different……God cannot be wrong read read read.

He continued,


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