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Are These Pastors Illuminati? Check Out If Your Pastor Is One Among Them

The pastor confidently stage managed unique healing miracles with his actors in a bid to attract a huge following. The fact that he was a televangelist made it even more lucrative as a huge following on unsuspecting public hungry for blessings send in their 310 contributions. It is said that his downfall came when Kanyari failed to do everything the illuminati order asked him to do. As such his miracles appeared fake which led to his discovery as most of the miracles he was to perform failed to turn out as expected.
Pastor Michael Njoroge

Some quarters claim that this pastor, the owner of fire gospel ministry became famous once he joined illuminati. Things seemed to be going well for him until such a time when he was unable to offer a sacrifice of his family members. This led to a fall out and numerous exposures that contributed to his downfall. One notable incidence was that of a call girl who ousted him and revealed that he had slept with him. It was in the same incidence that he was accused of fake testimonies that were meant to attract a huge following because of the things he was thought to be able to do.


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