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Popular Gospel Dj Soxxy Pens Down A Love Message To His Wife

Award winning gospel spin-master Jackson Kamau, popularly known as Dj Soxxy, is one of the best Dj’s around. He is among the Dj’s who are taking the gospel industry by storm. Apart from his prowess on the decks, Dj Soxxy is also a loving and caring husband and father.

Unlike many celebrities who thrive on controversy, Dj Soxxy is not; he is quite a humble, kind and focused man. He has never been in the headlines for the wrong reasons. He has managed to keep his life under wraps and that’s why little is known about him.

Well, while celebrating his fifth anniversary since he walked down the aisle with his beautiful wife Ciiku, the mother of his beautiful adorable daughter, Dj Soxxy penned down a heart-warming message to the love of his life, showering her with lots of love and praises.Dj_Soxxy

‘Today reminds me that God really loves me. Five years ago i walked down the Aisle and married my beautiful friend @ciikuwasoxxy God gave me the most wonderful person to spend my life with and if i was to do it again, i would still choose you to be my lifetime partner.I love you mama Wairimu and Happy Happy anniversary! To God be the Glory!


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