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How Princess Faridah (Former Chakacha Queen) And Elder Sister To Kanda Kid Met The lord En-route To Europe

As acts 2:17 says in the last days the Lord shall pour out his spirit and people will see visions and dreams. I know as of now you are wondering what has this got to do with what i’m doing to say. It’s about Gods revelation to Princess Farda, sister to Kanda Kid.

Yes Princess Faridah who danced chakacha all over the world before she met the Lord. Elder Sister to famous dancer Kanda kid. She has shared her shocking revelation how she met the Lord.

Some people may be wondered what made her turn to the Lord. In the first place she was a Muslim and conversion to Christianity is no joke. And to add on to that she had been in the secular industry for 11 years, she had a band of 17 people which she toured the world with.

Well, her conversion to Christianity started on a plane to Europe while going to perform.

Faridah said to Mpasho;

“Nilikua kwa secular for 11 years, nilikua naimba, nilikua nadance na band yangu ya 17 members. Nilikua na my brothers, Kanda king is my small bro. Niliokoka kwa ndege, nilikua natoka Dubai nikienda Europe.”

She continued to narrate,

“Air hostess akaniambia kuja nikuonyeshe venye tunaoperate the plane. Saa ile nimekaa karibu na pilot nikaona watu kwa cloud wamevaa white wako wengi wanaworship. Nikashindwa wale ni kina nani.”

She continued to share how she got off the plane supernaturally.

“Nikasema i want to go with them. Kitu ikanitoa kwa plane niko tu mahali peke yangu.Sauti ikaniongelesha ikaniambia farida you cant go with those people because you are a sinner.Alafu nikasikia mkono imeniwekelea kwa bega…”

‘She says after the voice told her she was a sinner she started repenting earnestly and a powerful hand took me and put me on the shoulders. The voice told her that she has a second chance in life to make her ways right with God. And that she had to go to a church first’.

Faridah now married to a Pastor is true testimony the Lord saves. That’s why i wrote the first line that people will see visions, she saw the Lords vision and headed to the call of the Lord to salvation. And now she serves God with dedication.



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