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Ps Lilian Omollo Of 9 Billion Theft Is Daughter To A Pastor. What Went Wrong?

“I can’t answer that as I may say things that she might be uncomfortable about. I believe she can make informed choices about her life and mine would be just to receive whoever she brings us,” said the mother, adding that as a church pastor she cannot lie about the matter.

Contacted, Omollo curtly declined to be drawn into the issue and disconnected his cellphone.

Relatives from Oneko’s family told The Nairobian that, Lilian has no child with Oneko, a divorcee with children and that they are building a rural home which they frequent.

Oneko did not respond to our phone calls or text messages.

Lilian’s family hails from Makengi area of Runyenjes constituency, Embu County where she was born before buying  two parcels of land about a kilometre apart in Rukira area and relocated there some years back. Neighbours say her mother’s one storied mansion was built about 10 years ago. Lilian  completed building an imposing mansion in the second parcel ringed all round by trees and flowers that make it only partially visible from the road. Only the high roof can be seen from the Nembure-Rukira road. Her mother’s home is also similarly eclipsed by a high fence and a forest of trees. At the wall near the gate of her mother’s home is a plaque written “The Vine Yard” “John 15:1-17.

We found the gates to the two homes locked with seemingly no person in sight and despite Lilian being in the spotlight over the theft of Sh9 billion from the NYS, neighbours appear unconcerned.

“We just see vehicles enter the compound and we learn that she is around. We don’t see her moving about in the neighbourhood. She leaves as abruptly as she comes,” said a villager only identified as Nyaga.

They however describe the Mbogos as peaceful neighbours who have never been involved in an altercation with the locals and say her mother is a hospitable and God-fearing woman who welcomes visitors and responds to their requests.

A graduate of the 2001 Joint Kenyatta University/University of Illinois Entrepreneurship Master’s degree, and a Bachelor of Education from Kenyatta University, Lilian previously worked as CEO for NEPAD Kenya Secretariat and  the UNDP- Kenya where she managed the Public Sector Reform Programme.


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