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Reuben Kigame Shares Secret On How To Compose An “All Time” Songs, Unlike Gospel Music Nowadays

Most contemporary songs lose relevance in one or two years, some even months. Reuben Kigame shares a trick on how to compose songs that defy time.

The likes of Angela Chibalonza and E-Sir died many years ago but even people who were born after their deaths still enjoy their songs.

Veteran singer Reuben Kigame is a musician whose songs are not time-bound. The blind gospel singer shared his trick in a long post on social media.

Stay focused on the Word as you write

By Reuben Kigame

While being interviewed on a television station in Burundi late last year, I was asked a strange question: “Why is it that your songs never seem to die? We have been singing them for many years and they sound as fresh as they were many years ago.” I call it a strange question because I had never thought of my songs that way. However, something came to my mind at that time and I shared it in answer to the question. Now I look at it as a secret that is kept from many Christian songwriters, but would like to say that it should actually not be a hidden secret anymore.


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