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Rev. Kathy Kiunas Profile, Family, Music

Rev Kathy Kiuna is the wife of Bishop Allan Kiuna and Associate Pastor at JCC Parklands. She is the Visionary of Daughters of Zion Ministry.13466433_1314553801891477_5492761131109119829_n

Rev Kathy Kiuna calling and assignment is to Raise the Standard among women. Her ministry has been evidenced by the mammoth Daughters of Zion Ladies Meeting that is attracting thousands of ladies every month. She has a sharp prophetic gift that flows through her. Her compassion for women in need and help to those who have suffered abuse has been a great blessing to many.

Rev. Kathy is a co-host to her husband on the weekly television program “Voice of Jubilee”. Her insight on this program has solicited such positive responses from the viewing audience.

Kathy Kiuna is a tremendous singer and worship leader who has done three 3 music albums. She is also a host of international women’s conferences that have brought turnarounds in the lives of many women.

She is happily married to Bishop Allan Kiuna and they have 3 children.

Kathy has showed us a side to her that most of us probably never knew – She can sing. Here are some few music videos of her most recent songs.

Kathy Kiuna Songs – Never Give Up on God

Kathy Kiuna Songs – You Are Great

Mapambo by Kathy Kiuna

Kathy Kiuna House – Kathy Kiuna Home

Here is a photo of the opulent Kathy Kiuna house situated in Kenya’s leafy links suburb of Runda.


Kathy Kiuna House – Kathy Kiuna Home


Interviewer: We have heard so much about you… tell us about your new book, The Transformed Woman that you are about to release.

Pastor Kathy Kiuna: The book motivates a woman to take a reality check and take responsibility of herself. It dwells on phenomenal stories of women in the Bible, for example Dinah. She was raped as a young girl and allowed people to run her life yet she had the final say on the matter. The book lets a woman know that she can transform her own life any minute. A circumstance or her past mistakes may have discouraged her, but transformation can start from her mind and while that is coupled with her trust in God’s deliverance, change would become easy.

Pastor Allan Kiuna


Interviewer: You are so much into uplifting women …does this have anything to do with your past?

Pastor Kiuna: My calling is to empower women. For so long, women have been ostracised and treated like secondary human beings. Many women sabotage themselves by believing in the lies they have been told about themselves. Women’s voice must be heard.

Interviewer: You run an initiative called Daughters of Zion in your church…is the group anywhere close to reaching Zion?

Pastor Kathy Kiuna: I have seen dejected, discontented, degraded and disheartened women walk into my office, believing that God is done with them. I have watched them rise from nothingness spiritually, financially, emotionally and psychologically to be great women who even end up inspiring me. After God is done with them, they are not the same people anymore; you watch them grow from glory to glory.

Interviewer: Your diary is always full. Do you ever have me-time?

Pastor Kiuna: Mondays has always been my me-time day. I go golfing, read books, and pamper myself.

Interviewer: Your husband Bishop Allan Kiuna doesn’t shy away from serenading you in public…what’s the secret?

Pastor Kathy Kiuna: There is nothing as beautiful as family. It is the oldest institution in the Bible. My husband and I know those truths and God has helped us to continue loving and being each other’s’ best friend. We still go on dates and get to know more about each other.

Interviewer: Your son Jeremy has cerebral palsy? What would be your advice to other parents raising such children?

Pastor Kathy Kiuna: Always trust in God. He is the provider and His store has everything for us all. It has been fulfilling. Jeremy reminds us of God’s goodness to us. He was born at six months; premature and yet he fought so much as a little boy. He is strong and only needs help with walking. It is easy for us to see God’s grace through Jeremy’s life and personality. He is a very positive person and you will never hear him complain about anything.

Interviewer: How do you juggle between running a family, magazine, TV hosting, church and writing books?

Rev Kathy Kiuna: For whatever God calls you to do, He gives you the grace to accomplish it. I give priority to important things every single minute. I never compromise anything for my family. I always cook for my husband and everything falls in place.

Interviewer: What is your beauty secret?

Rev Kathy : I believe in myself and love myself to pieces. Of course, you cannot walk with the Lord and look weird (laughs). I take care of myself; I go to the gym and eat right.

Interviewer: What is your favourite Bible verse?

Rev Kathy Kiuna: Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.

Interviewer: Your advice to fellow women…

Rev Kathy : Know yourself and don’t let your life be determined by Rev-Kathy-Kiuna-Photosothers. It is not how you started but who you are and where you are going that matters.

Interview courtesy of eve woman

Rev Kathy Kiuna Photos

source: soft kenya


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