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Ruth Wamuyu Displays The Glory Of God in Her Life, A Life full Of Serving God

Gone are the days when the Kenyan Music industry was known for its creativity and great music. Nowadays, gospel artistes have lost it. Some of them sing nonsensical music just to make money and even just to remain relevant in the flooded showbiz industry.

But there are a few old folks such as Jemima Thiong’o, Gloria Muliro, Rufftone, Reuben Kagame, Mercy Masika, Rev Ruth Wamuyu, Joseph Shisia, Eunice Njeri, Janet Otieno just to mention but a few who sing inspirational and touching songs.

Their music carries a powerful message. They are inspired by God to write nice songs and we are proud of them. Rev Ruth Wamuyu’s music is inspirational and her hit songs

One of whom is Rev Ruth Wamuyu whose music is inspirational and her hit songs Atanikumbuka, Inuka and Naijulikane have a great message.

Ruth who has been in this industry for a very long time, not only sings but also ministers the word of God. She and her husband Bishop Theuri Maina are the founders of City of Refuge – House of Judah Ministries.

Bishop Theuri is the senior pastor while Ruth is the associate pastor.

Well, Wamuyu who is also a proud mother and motivational speaker is known for her sense of fashion.

Latest photos of the female pastor have surfaced that show her looking trendy and classy. The woman of God is glowing! Despite her age, Ruth Wamuyu knows how to take care of herself and this is a clear indication that life in Christ is good.




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