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Sealed for Service

Wax sealed envelope on table. Canon 1ds Mark III

A little crack – that’s all it was. But over a period of eight hours, that hardly perceptible space had a huge impact on my olfactory senses.

Phew! I tried to hold my breath upon entering the house after work. What was that awful smell? And why?

I clearly detected the strong scent of spoiling vegetables. It couldn’t be the trash. It was the middle of winter and the house wasn’t hot enough to produce that kind of pungent smell from one-day’s garbage


The next obvious deduction was the refrigerator. Something made me really scrutinize the door seal. That’s when I saw that the suction of the seal wasn’t working probably and the door was open ever so slightly. From head-on I would never have seen that and would have assumed everything was fine. It was only because I directed my attention to the side that I saw the reason for the unpleasant fragrance in the kitchen.

And that little crack meant I had to throw away several items. All because of a little crack!

How is it that it’s often the small things that can make a big difference in our lives? Small sins, if left unchecked, will eventually leave gaping holes in our souls. If we don’t check and recheck the seal around our hearts, rottenness can enter in. Mix in a little time for that sin to marinate, and we have ourselves a nasty mess.


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