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Send Satan Packing With This Reminder From His Past

Satan wasn’t always Satan as we know him today. The Bible records that he was created by God as Lucifer, which means “light bearer.”


And like most names in the Bible, Lucifer’s name is very significant and very revealing. As I explore in my book, Silence Satan, it has to do with his clothing. Allow me to explain.

The Clothing of Lucifer

The Old Testament details that Lucifer was once adorned in some of the most beautiful and exquisite gems such as moonstone, jasper, sapphire, turquoise, emerald and others (Ezek. 28:12–13).

Fascinatingly, when you study these stones that covered Lucifer, most are prism-like. That is, they refract and reflect; and so their beauty is only appreciated in the presence of an external light. This explains Lucifer’s name as “light bearer.” Lucifer was created to bear God’s light—to be heaven’s instrument to reflect God’s glory and to draw worship to God.



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