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Are Some “Servants Of God” In Disorder, After This Lady Tells This Story?

Hi, Uncle Ted

I fear hell is heading my way. I am in a love relationship with this pastor who claims he can talk directly to God.

It all started five years ago. I remember walking into the church only to bump into this handsome man. I had no Idea he was our new pastor. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

We became close because I had marital problems, and would visit him for counselling. One thing led to another and now he wants to have a baby with me. I am worried because my marital problems are getting worse.

Dear Anne

I feel you sister (no pun intended). You know, being preyed on by your pastor is not at all Christ-like.

That tormentor is a potential candidate for brother Lucifer’s fiery furnace in hell. I rebuke him! Did you say you feel like hell is headed your way? Well, that’s possible, but take heart sister, because you are not the first person to bring down a pastor – remember your cousin Delilah throwing Samson to the ground? See, even brother ‘Sami’ could not stand it.

And he wants to have a baby with you? How stupid! The annoying part is that you don’t seem to be ready to let him go.

I don’t know whether to flog you for sinning or reward you for exposing the fake pastor. I would rather you “go and don’t sin again.” And don’t flash that ‘harmless’ smile, again, you might end up bringing down more men of God!



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