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Seven Prayer Tips to Quickly Improve Your Prayer Life

"A young African-American man looks up, his hands clasped before him in prayer, an exalted expression on his face. Black background."

If your prayer life has become routine and lifeless or you struggle with consistency, try implementing some of the prayer tips below. These are changes that I regularly incorporate in my prayer life to keep my attentiveness high.

1. Schedule your prayer time. People schedule what is important to them. You can pray any where and any time, but you may need to schedule time to keep prayer from being squeezed to the margin of life or completely out of life. Having a schedule daily time for God will increase your consistency.

2. Pray out loud. I used to struggle with my mind wandering during prayer. Particularly, when I use to try to pray during long commutes. That struggled ended for me when I began verbalizing prayers. I found that I could sustain my attention much longer by verbalizing my pray


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