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Signs Of Illuminati? Khaligraph Jones Eating Raw Meat, Appearing On Stage In A Coffin?

This imagery is however the order of the day from the gangs, mainly the Bloods and the Crips, from which hip-hop pioneers belonged.

These street gangs were known for their flashy lifestyle and violent ways all over Los Angeles and New York, notably their own signs that are mainly used to identify each other and have nothing to do with Illuminati. This is primarily to show ones gang affiliation.

It is just the other day that people were on Emmy Kosgei’s case for using a sign that she didn’t understand; all she was doing was showing off her well-manicured nails and nothing but.

In 2015 we also saw Joey Muthengi the sassy TV host being trolled for flinging an ‘Illuminati’ sign, the Devil’s Horn.

Most of these things don’t apply around us as they either lost meaning ages ago or have no meaning altogether.

It is a norm now walking in town and spotting a teenager with tattoos and other body markings that have signs they have no clue whatsoever of their meanings.

Especially the tear drop tattoo placed right underneath one’s eyes that most people don and which is originally meant for people who have committed murder or spent time in prison or that the wearer was raped while incarcerated and tattooed with a tear drop below the eye by the offending party and his accomplices.

What’s so mystifying about the Illuminati notion and its continued life is that it’s just that: a theory.

Despite the term’s prominence in hip-hop and pop culture, there is no proof that the Illuminati really exist, and not a single artiste has admitted to being affiliated with it especially in Kenya.

Then why, for all these decades, has the existence of an unconfirmed secret society been consistently connected to the music industry?

Why do the rumours refuse to go away?


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