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Size 8 Admits To Have Gained Weight Since She Got Married

When a person adds weight, this only means they are comfortable and with less issues bothering their minds. Well, I guess Size 8 is one of those people. She recently shared a post saying that since has gained a lot weight since she got married to DJ Moh, who also seems to have thrown in a couple of pounds.

The singer who is also a mother of one beautiful girl, Ladasha Belle, shared a photo of her hubby working out in their compound but what caught my attention is her caption which she wrote to say,

We started the marriage tukiwa team skinny now we ve both added sooooo much weight uuuuuuuuwwwwwiiiiiii ??????? kwanza mimi ?????swity we need a trainer……

Looking at their photos, it is quite evident that the two have been gaining weight. As for Size it’s understandable since her body changed after welcoming her first child. However, the singer wants to get her body back but it is not as easy as she thinks.

Well, now that she asked her husband to get her a trainer…let us wait and see how her progress will be.


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