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Size 8 Discouraged Of Daycare She Is Running

Gospel singer Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8, has shared details on tough times she is currently going through.

Size 8 opened up on the challenges she is going through trying to maintain a kindergarten she opened months ago.


The Mateke singer started a school God’s gift day care and Kindergarten to help those financially challenged.

The demands of running a charity home are now hitting home due to several challenges.


On her Instagram page, the singer revealed running the school is so tough, she has thought of giving up all together.

‘’To be honest sometimes I feel like giving up on God’s gift day care and Kindergarten it’s not easy to run something for free…”

However the testimonies from women whose children benefit from the free day care and Kindergarten keep her pushing on.


Size 8 handles the day to day running of the day care including catering for the bills.

The day care is free to parents who are unable to pay nannies to look after their children.


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