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Size 8 Sickness Is Affecting Her Music Carrier But She Vows To Soldier on

Size 8 has had a rough time for a couple of days since she was recently diagnosed with hypertension.

However this strong woman does not back down and her career is far away from being over. In fact it is just starting to get bigger and better.

She has been working hard trying to balance her life as a mother, wife, minister and also keep her singing career on check.


In a confession she made on the second episode of their Vlog series titled The Murayas she said after being diagnosed with hypertension she was always nauseated thus taking ice cubes which has affected her vocals badly.

“Venye nilikuwa diagnosed na hypertension nilikuwa naskia nausea juu ya dawa so nilikuwa nakula ice cubes…my voice is completely baaaad…sauti yangu ni mbaya,” said the celebrated gospel artiste.

In this episode we see her head to her voice coach who says that she needs to be pushed hard to get her voice back on track and rediscover it.

“I am not singing the way I used to sing in high school, that’s my problem,” she told her coach.

At the end of the session she promises that good things are coming. Well, we hope it is new music because we are definitely waiting for what she drops next.


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