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Some Of Gospel Musician Who Crossed From The Other Side

It is a personal decision when one decides to change from secular to gospel music industry. Most of the artists have said in interviews that they convert because they got a calling to turn to gospel music.

There are several female Kenyan artist who took the U turn to gospel industry, the question that most of the critics might ask is: Is there a gap left in secular music in the female category?

Here is a list of Kenyan female artists who took a U turn from secular to gospel industry.

Size 8

The first in the list is none other than Size 8, who started from Calif Record  working with music producer Clemo. Around 2013, Size 8 released her first gospel single ”mateke” which was received with mixed reactions but she pressed on and is now one of the top female gospel artists in the industry. Size 8 is married to gospel spinmaster Dj Mo and they are blessed with one child Ladasha Belle Wambui. She, like Amani, at a certain point was not comfortable with the secular life she lived.

Size 8 New Photos

Lady B

Next on the list is Lady B. She had a secular song mrembo which she did a remix to and it featured divas like Shinde from girl group tatuu, Reina, Joye Muthengi, Ray C from Tanzania and Mimmo. She was suffering from drug addiction but reformed. She has also sung various secular songs with hiphop legend Nonini. Lady B took a U-turn shortly after Size 8. Lady B has gospel songs such as Matunda, Nakiri and Kila Goti.



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