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This Spiritual Warfare Tool Will Make Your Transformation Truly Effective

Each person must make a firm, personal decision to fight for freedom. A Spiritual battle entails a lot.
In order to make transformation effective, each person has to make a firm personal decision to fight for freedom.In my ministry experience, I have found that I cannot want someone’s transformation more than they do. We each have to make a decision to fight the spiritual battle of thought that wages over us. I have to make a daily decision with God that I am willing to do whatever it takes to walk out my freedom in Him. This is true discipleship.

I cannot want someone’s transformation more than they do.

Unfortunately, we are in a challenging position today. To try and gain a sense of peace and sanity, most people are engaging therapeutic models of counseling that address the branches of thought and behavior, but never get to the root. I believe that our journey to find healing and peace can be fruitless if we are not addressing our spiritual enemy and removing his footholds from our lives as the Bible teaches.

The Scriptures help us see the invisible world so we can walk with daily discernment and a higher level of awareness. Without this realization, most ministry to people will be extremely challenging.


Counseling has its place, but we cannot counsel someone who is under the influence of a stronghold. The result is that we get drained in session after session and we talk in circles with no fruit. Counselors, leaders and pastors get drained and exhausted under the endless masses of people who need help—not to mention they need help themselves!

We cannot help people get free unless we teach them the invisible battle facing them.

Here is one of the problems: We are trying to counsel or persuade people into transformation without addressing the invisible battle of thoughts that they are tangled in. In order for God’s way of thinking to be firmly established, the enemy’s tools need to be kicked out!

People are desperate for freedom and so many need healing in their bodies. What they need the most is their broken hearts healed, strongholds removed and someone to walk with them and disciple them in God’s way of thinking.


The world is crying out for help. This is the reason Jesus made the call for disciples. A disciple is one that is rooted and established on God’s way of thinking, so that when the enemy comes in like a flood, they are able to discern the spirits and know where their thoughts are coming from. They will be able to identify a thought from God and with maturity, manifest the fruit of God’s thinking with power.


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