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Things To Know Before You Get Married

Marriage is what you make out of it because it entails on the two of you. The two of you will make it or break it, to make your union work. Marriage is a serious relationship and needs focus because a lot of things revolve between the two of you as are couple, how to bring out strengths of each other to build a strong bond.

It is upon you as a person, if you are getting involved to do a lot of research and get to know more from your partner so as to make things work for better after your are married or before. It is good to agree on some things before you get married.

Here are few things to know;

1. Who does what in the house

In African tradition it is believed that a woman should do everything in the house while the husband provides for the family. But nowadays you find that both of you could be having demanding jobs, it becomes unfair for one to be been working in the office to have to come home work more with house chores.


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