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These Are Three Rich, Powerful Churches In Kenya

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has revealed three churches in Kenya with the highest annual turnover. According to the tax collector the churches are one the highest taxpayers in Kenya.
The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has released a list of the highest taxpayers in Kenya and surprisingly three churches are among them. According to the tax collector, the churches have the highest annual turnover in the country.
According to the Daily Nation, the churches have diversified and are offering several services like hospitality and even selling bottled water to earn extra money. The churches are said to have a turnover of between KSh 350 million and KSh 1 billion due to the businesses they conduct. The SDA church for an example has a water bottling plant, hospital, guest house and rentals.
The Coptic Orthodox church has a hospital and other medical services and also offer education services. NPC well known as Christ is the Answer Ministry (CITAM) has invested in hospitality, camp, catering unit, media, real estate and education.
In Kenya churches are exempted from paying taxes in order for the religious body to help its poor fateful get much needed services like education and health care. Kenyans have years called on the government to tax churches as most of them made astronomical profits that could be channeled to government development projects.


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