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Tips for Securing a Government Tender

When competing for a governmental tender it becomes quite hard to secure it especially if you are operating a small business. This is because big business invasion in the field becomes a great obstacle as most government sectors are more comfortable dealing with a big corporation which they are sure will deliver rather than an unknown start-up. However, with the emerging rise of the small business promotion campaign, your odds can become better with precise positioning.

  1. Chose the right tender

When starting out on bidding you might be attracted to try and catch all fish. This might not work out best since you will end up getting a lot of disappointment. To successfully secure a tender, you might want to check and see if really you are a great fit for it. You can think of the awarding committee and really try to see if you are legible.

Apart from legibility, you should also ensure you can service the tender if you are awarded. This means you should check the quotation and calculate the amount of capital you will need to invest in getting profit. Check whether you can finance the order, how frequent it is required, their method and interval or duration of payment.

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