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Tossed By Waves

I was privileged to be taken for a ride.  Picture a roller coaster minus the rails!  That’s what it felt like sitting in a T-6 fighter jet diving, rising and diving again with a vertical velocity of ten thousand feet per minute!

I know where to stare in turbulence.  My eyes were on the pilot.  If he was okay, I was okay.

Peter learned the same lesson the hard way.  Exchange the plane for a 30-foot fishing boat in the middle of the sea.  The lake, like a blender, blowing first from one direction, then another.

Tossed by the waves … Just substitute a couple of nouns…

In the middle of a divorce, tossed by guilt.

In the middle of debt, tossed by creditors.

Jesus said:

Don’t be afraid.  Take courage, I am here!

I am here” changes everything!  Look into the turbulence.  Look into the storm.  That’s Jesus coming toward you!


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