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Unclaimed Blessings

Don’t stay stuck with worry, ask God for what you need. Every blessing you desire  God has the authority to release it

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Paul and I kept our four-year-old twin grandbabies recently while their parents went on a date. Eden and Ethan played on the deck while their granddaddy fixed dinner on the grill. We shared stories and giggles over a picnic–the sweetest of times.

After dinner my favorite time with them arrived–watching a movie and cuddling on the couch. Ethan is all boy and almost never still, but when we watch movies together, he snuggles so close you couldn’t slide a piece of paper between us.

I am pouring the Oil of Gladness upon My Children

When our son and daughter-in-law came back from their date, we visited for a while. That’s when Ethan did something that made us all laugh. He walked into the family room from the kitchen, a mischievous smile on his face. “Granddaddy, I got one of your strawberries!” he said, like he’d done something big.

We’d had bowls of strawberries while we watched the movie, but this time Ethan had reached into the refrigerator and gotten a berry from the basket on the bottom shelf. Pretending to be gruff, Granddaddy said, “You did WHAT?” Ethan laughed so hard his face turned red.

A minute later, he came in and said, “I got another one of your strawberries!”

And then Eden walked in holding a berry. “Granddaddy, I got one, too!”


They were so cute. They thought they were getting something over on us. But that’s one of the reasons we buy their favorite foods—so they can enjoy them. All they had to do was ask and we’d have fixed them a bowl of strawberries.

We have a Father who dotes on us as well. He loves to make us happy, and what we want or need is often just sitting on His shelf waiting for us to reach in and take it or ask Him for it.

I wonder how many blessing go unclaimed because we don’t ask? When we’re wallowed in worry, do we seek His provision? We may not always get the answer we want, but it will be the right one.download (21)

I wonder if God gets as much joy out of watching our happiness as Paul and I do with our grandchildren? Somehow, I suspect He does.


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