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To Uphold Purity Avoid This 5 Things As A People Called Of God

Sexual sins are listed among the top pastoral ministry killers. In most cases pastors do not just jump from bed to bed. It starts slow. So, what are the lines that should not be crossed by God’s ministers when dealing with women?

5 things pastors should never do to cross the line

1. No hugging women

Ladies come to greet you. Better stay out of giving them a hug. Even if you have nothing on your mind, that woman may have something on her side. Remember, in fornication, there are always two sides. So, even if a woman needs some comforting and hugging, she can get it from your wife or other ladies in church.


2. Do not consult women one on one

Once you agree to stay with a lady in your office alone, you subject yourself to a high risk. One pastor of a large church said this:

“All she has to do is run out of the office screaming, and your ministry is over.”

If she wants to tell you something she does not want others to know, talk to her in public. You can speak to her at the church before or after the service, when other people are in the venue. Or ask your wife or second pastor to come with you and consult the woman.


3. Do not visit ladies alone

There are many stories of husbands pulling a preacher out of their wives’ beds. Do not make such foolish mistakes. When you visit her alone, there are high chances of the visit to go amiss, even if you never planned it that way. She might have planned it instead. And resisting a sexy and decisive lady is a hard thing to do. So, take someone with you to avoid all these situations.


4. Do not spill the compliments

Saying something good and kind to a woman in your church is not a crime. However, stay out of complimenting their appearances. This way you show them you are interested in their looks. And you may evoke the unwanted interest in you from their side.


5. Do not fantasize about ladies

This is the top thing to do. Women feel men’s attention. They can sense it even if you think you show no sign of it. Anyways, Jesus said that if you thought of a woman in your heart (sexually) means you already have slept with her. Plus, such fantasies can create an emotional connection between you and her.


Pastors have the high calling from the Lord. That is why often get under devil’s attacks in this area. You can quickly ruin your ministry and calling by not staying alerted and on your guard. Stay pure in your thoughts and in your actions to avoid all the traps. Your high position in the church also makes you attractive to women, so be watchful and stay on the safe ground.


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