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Vice President’s Wife Rachel Ruto, On A Tearful Prayer Mission For The Nation

Rachiel is one woman who loves the Lord with her heart, body and soul. And so she has been showing a Godly example in her family as well as to her husband and the country. She has been a pillar in this country in terms of spiritual matters to the current government. She supports that which she thinks and feels as the heart of God.

Though humble and respective lady, She has a place of God in her heart. This time round she is on prayer match in the country. As people campaign for votes she has been going from place to place praying and crying to God for a peaceful election.

Recently she was seen in kisii Kneeling down as she led others same meeting fro prayer. She has visited others places too to encourage believers to pray. Aren’t we blessed to have such a God fearing woman in the fore front of our government? We thank God.

As Kenyans gathered in a week of prayer for peaceful election in Nakuru this week under the MBCI ministry, prayers which started on Monday12th to end on 18th. It is my prayer that we will get an opportunity to pray together with those who are gathered in Nakuru. If you can make it may God Bless you, if not just pray where you are.

It is time to pray for the coming election despite the parties we belong to. Let’s beseech God for peaceful election and refuse bloodshed. It’s upon us as believers to take it upon ourselves to make a commitment in prayer. Pray for yourself, family, neighbors and country. Let’s stand up and PRAY.



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