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The Voice of A Prophet In the Recent Kenyan Election Was Clearly Heard

The voice of a Prophet nowadays is like a fizzling fire in the recent church and especially in Kenya during the recent elections. Despite having an authoritative command in the bible, in the world at the present times its rarely heard.

And we ask ourselves, why?

  • It is because many believers have looked unto the servants of God but have been turned back with disappointments. And many prophets tell us what we want to hear as an individual but ignore the voice of God hence deliver the wrong message.
  •  Many of the servants of God are not called to the prophetic   ministry but put on the prophetic mantle and that makes them not to fit in the office of prophecy and that makes them to lie to the believers making their faith not to grow.

A voice of the prophet as Prophet Dr. Thomas Manton IV who prophesied recently about Kenya as a Nation and said President Kenyatta will win his second term as President of Kenya, I’m sure most people thought it to be another lie.

Also Rev. Mingwi who has been very vocal speaking clearly of the things God had revealed to him abotu the elections. All of them came to pass. And a servant God in Kenya has proved that God still speaks to his people. While many servants of God stayed clear of the elections he spoke of what was about to happen.

But i thank God who knows to distinguish his servants and makes them stand out to exalt his name. For those who call upon him he gives them clarity of things to happen. May be many servant of God didn’t know who would win the elections but the true servants of God Knew.

Rev. Migwi

Just as in the US Election many Prophesied but it didn’t come to pass. But true servants of God shall prophesy a thing and it shall come to pass for they hear clearly from God our father and from him only shall he reveal the truth.



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