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Watchman: Apostle Maina Ng’ang’as Recent Crusade , Who Are You Serving?

Though he has been in limelight’s for all the wrong reasons being a man of God demands a lot. So as the the bible says to whoever much is given much is required’ Luke 12:48 b, it is our Lords principle. Not surprising that many of the Lords so called servants nowadays don’t really care. Not like times before when servants of God could tremble just at the mention of sin. So, from media we are hear all sort of shocking things men of God are doing. Abominable things and you wonder is this the end time or when is Jesus coming?

For instant the apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a after opening a club he built along Nakuru high way and he said his business is not church so he will sell everything including alcoholic drinks. So, the question is, you preach we do not sin but the same things that make us sin you are selling to us. Are you fake or real. For sin and righteousness are like water and oil, my friend they can’t mix.  Whatever has filled your heart the same you will give out.

The same  alcohol made you to cause accident after merry making with your friends at the same club. Killing a young innocent woman leaving her young family, children and husband. To add insults to injury you refused to cooperate with them which was easier. You opted to be taken to court, because you knew that you have money to destroy evidence and finally destroy the case. Even a mare person who doesn’t know God will be touched by this. Man of God?

Yes you pray for people and they will get healed , receive miracles but the bible says matthew 7 :22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ But he will say go away from me i do not know you. You have prayed for the sick, drove out demons and everything else. But you have left many traits of ungodly person not as a servant of God, not living worth of calling.

It is a while after your wife took to media to tell everyone of your drinking problem. Whom are you serving?

The Almighty God or the Devil. You are respected, honored for the many you have prayed for. As a servant if are true servant of the Living God, repent come back to God. For the bible says seven times a righteous man falls and seven times he gets up. Proverbs 24:16. Find it your heart and please consider this. Stop Staying down in things that put our Lord to shame and people wonder,  is this a Man of God?

This is to just ask you man of God to make it right with God to be right with man. God Bless you.

This picture are from Apostle Maina Ng’ang’as recent Crusade at kayole


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