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Watchman: You Are Your Brothers Keeper

The Signs of the end times are here. The signs are around us all over. And as a believer its upon us to be spiritually sensitive. Watch and pray it says in Matt 26: 11. We have also to be our brothers keeper. Guide , Correct Him or Her to help him on our way to heaven Genesis 4:8-9.Let us have the burden to live right.


I’m saying this because of what is happening around us. I’m speaking in my view as a servant of God in his vineyard. There are things we do knowingly and unknowingly to bring glory to the Lord or defame him our Lord and master. I cant say Im holier than thou because recently i passed through so many challenges to a point i could trip , stay down or continue to do contrary to the will of God. But by the Lords Mercy He held me up to his grace.

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Many have tripped and stayed there Im talking in the likes our musicians who have continuously continued to do things contrary to the will of our Father. Who have been having scandals after scandals with our musician and people confessing to be of the faith. The likes of willy Paul being a gospel musician but having affairs with ladies we read of him all over the news for bad reasons. This Is My word to Him if baal is God serve him , if God of Heaven Is God serve Him. The likes of Roughtone who have been the father of gospel revolution marrying a pregnant wife, after few months to their marriage they had a baby. Someone the young could look up to as a mentor.  People like Daddy Owen gospel music star living with his girlfriend until the day they got married. This are just but few examples.

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The point is, I’m not pointing out sins but my request to everyone confessing Christ is WHERE IS SANITY OF CHRISTIANITY IN US? You may fall as christian but don’t stay down and continue to live as if nothing happened . Confess, a christian life is lived in repentance. As a minister in the body Christ i have to say it, speaking through inspiration in Holy spirit  and of the calling in me, REPENT ,CONFESS! Living with someone and you are not married is sin, simple! As a watchman brothers keeper i urge you who have marred the name of the Lord with dirt and you don’t care, Repent! Live a life worthy of what you sing , preach,let us live right.


We are not going to live in sin for the grace of God to abide. We won’t doctor the doctrine of Christ to fit in our lives but us to conform according to his will. We won’t live how we want and profess the faith.Its unacceptable brothers and sisters. We have to uphold INTEGRITY AND SANITY of the the body of Christ in Jesus name. You are your brothers keeper. God bless you all live the faith you profess. Amen!


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