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Willy Paul Has Been Copying His Fellow Gospel Artist Bahati And Diamond Platnumz

Gospel singer Willy Paul aka Willy Pozze is known for a lot of controversies in the past, but of late, he seems to have taken a chill pill.

However, despite all the scandals, the Fanya hit-maker is still a favorite to many and one of the top artistes in Kenya.

Willy Paul is currently riding high with his collaboration with Jamaican songstress Alaine, after pulling a publicity stand that they had gotten married to market the song.

The gospel act has however has been linked to a lot of women and at some point he revealed that he was walking down the aisle, but that never materialized either.

If you keep up with showbiz, you know that Willy Paul and his frenemy, Bahati have been at logger heads since they both came into the industry, though they actually started out as friends.

However, the two seem to have patched things up in the last couple of months and they haven’t had beef with each other for a while now.

But fans seem to think that the two still compete in one way or the other through their stunts and behaviors. Willy Paul recently shared a picture while holding an adorable baby girl, with a caption that read; “Any questions?”


Fans did not take this gesture lightly, with some saying that he’s just copying Bahati, while others paused the question of when he will get his own kids, as others simply criticised his songs.

His die hard fans supported him on the other hand, taking shots at those who were posting negative comments. Check out some of the posts below.

Nash Janson: But najua unafanya hivi kucopy bahati juu ulimwona amepost na mtoi….aki ww utawai taka kushindwa and you will never be the king…baha aliweka na prayer partner wake ikaweka zako na dem fulani mzungu before alaine akuje so baha akisema ameoa pia ww utaoa mtoshane

Iraitoh Joesse: My question is this,, utazaa wako wen???? kuna vitu tatu tu zilikushinda kucopy kwa DIAMOND (your god),,
(1) kusettle na bibi
(2) Tule tunywele twake katikati ya kichwa.
(3) Swag/mavazi yake,, but hua unatry though unatokea tu vitu zingine

Simon Okech: Thank you Willy Paul, I owe you my life. Yesterday I was in a comma, then the nurse played one of your songs, so I woke up and turned off the radio.

Jemere Dante: Mi sinanga wivu na wewe shida yako ni kucopy indirectly uliona Diamond amepost hii pic akisema haezi ishi bila hiyo spray ya mtoi wake na wewe na kiherehere unatafuta katoi kisha unajinunuisha spray. Ka nimedanganya usininunulie mutura



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