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A Witch Who Has Killed 100 People Says The Powers He Worked For, Now Demand He Sacrifices His Only Son

A Gweru man who murdered more than 100 people has finally come out of hiding. The man behind the numerous murders has publicly confessed his deadly sins. He has also repented and become a devoted church member.  However, his bloody crime and risk of being jailed are not his biggest concerns. The spirits of the dead want his son as sacrifice, and that scares the hell out of him.

A 46 year old man from Gweru has confessed that he murdered over 100 people in cold blood. And now the spirits of the dead wants his son as a payback.

Musiyiwa Denhere, who has since repented all his sins, is living in deep fear and panic that he could lose his son to the evil spirits.

Mr Musiyiwa Denhere, the man who murdered over 100 people and confessed about it.

He calims that the marine spirits that he used to work for are now demanding that he sacrifice his three year old son or wife.

“I started practising witchcraft in 1989. Many people with incurable diseases came to me for healing, and I helped them by killing their enemies, mostly through lightening, accident or mysterious deaths,” confesses Denhere.


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