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How A Young Girl Was Used By The Devil To Destroy 9 Lives Of Fellow Students

On Saturday September 2nd, Kenyans woke up to shocking news of fire tragedy at Moi Girls School Nairobi which gutted school dormitory and took the lives of nine students.

Police identified and arrested a satanic girl who started the deadly inferno. Shockingly everything about the suspect raises eyebrows.

Below are the shocking things about the mastermind of the arson at Moi girls:

1.She was only a form one student

Most incidences of strike or arson in most high schools in Kenya are usually perpetrated by senior students in form 3 and 4 but the deadly fire at Moi Girl that claimed the lives of 9 students was the work of a mono.

2.School administration feared the suspect and accorded her special treatment

According to the social media, the girl had a tendency of boasting that she comes from a wealthy family and that she had relatives who are top school administrators.


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