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2 Ways God Prunes You to Produce Better Fruit

If you are a gardener or have a green thumb and grow plants in your home, you know that one of the best ways to get good fruit or full blossoms from your favorite bush is to prune or even cut it back completely during the right season. In John 15:2 Jesus compares us to branches.


He says that if a branch does not produce fruit at all, it is to be cut off. And the branches that do produce fruit, He prunes and cuts back. You don’t have to be doing something wrong to be pruned. It’s actually when you are doing things right that pruning takes place. So look, you are pruned if you do and pruned if you don’t. You might as well deal with it and let God produce His fruit in you. But there is one sure thing: It’s better to be cut back than to be cut off.

So how does God prune us? Well, He does it in two major ways. First we know that His Word prunes us.


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