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5 Common ‘Heat of the Moment’ Mistakes Husbands Can Avoid


4. Choosing what feels good over what’s right You’ve promised her you will take care of a list of projects on Saturday morning. On Friday, your buddies have a last minute opening as a 4th to play golf at the same time. What does a husband do here? You love golf. You don’t love cleaning out nasty gutters. Easy choice right? Wrong. Family first. Wife first. Promises are to be kept. Besides, if your buddies really wanted you to begin with, it would already be on your schedule. Never sell out your wife.

5. Giving into temptations Each day temptations are going to present themselves. Those glancing looks, special smiles, private messages. Danger, danger, danger. Train yourself to always see the big picture when dealing with seemingly small temptations. Those small things often lead to large disasters. When your mind and heart begin to want, cut it off early. The big picture is your family and the life you’re building.


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