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5 Early-Warning Signs You Desperately Need a Spiritual Recharge

What if you could plug your soul in for a long recharge the way you do your phone every night? If you’re like me, the “juice” on my phone can slide into the red zone, and I don’t even notice. An emergency-like response sets in as I desperately grab the charger to plug back into the power. Staying connected to the source feels critical. And that’s just for a phone.
Our souls work like that too—draining constantly throughout the day, even more during times of crisis. As with the phone, we may not be aware of the energy loss until we are nearly empty.
How do you know when you are skirting into the red zone? See if you can answer yes to any of these questions:
  •  Are you weary of the rush to the next day?
  •  Do you feel stretched edge to edge?
  •  Are you overbooked and overwhelmed?
  •  Do you rarely leave room for margin in which to refuel?
  •  Do you long for time to just be with God?
 I’m raising my hand, and so are countless other women, whether busy moms or active executives, new believers or lifetime church members. “I need time with Jesus” echoes in small groups, on social networking sites, in coffee shops and in blog posts. We’re all hungry for a soul recharge: extended time alone with God.
In spite of the expressed need, life totally gets in the way, and the timeless remedy of just getting up a little earlier to fit it all in is no longer effective. In fact, most of us try and try to squeeze in time for Jesus and finally quit, feeling like failures. We long for more, but we’re out of ideas how to attain it. Sound familiar?
Getting away with God on a personal retreat works like that overnight charge. We plug into the source of all life and let him fill us to the brim. One full charge can last a long time as we resume the race set before us. Hope returns, peace floods in, and the mental fog lifts. Something about hanging out with the creator of the universe brings things into perspective.
Enticed but skeptical, right? Don’t worry, I’ll address your concerns; I’ve had them all myself. Getaway with God: The Everywoman’s Guide to Personal Retreat tells my story and invites you to begin to write your own. Come along with me. I will show you the way to the renewal and spiritual intimacy you long for. You’ll be ready for an encounter with God that can fill you with more joy and blessing than you’ve imagined could be yours.
Ready? Pull up a chair.


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