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5 Things God Says ‘Never’ To

Sometimes we can be really dramatic. One thing goes wrong in the day and we yell out, “I’m never going to break through,” or “I will never catch a break.” We quickly throw out the “nevers,” in a negative way.


God has some “nevers” for you, but they are empowering “nevers,” not the defeating ones.

God has a few “nevers” that are actually encouraging promises to build our faith and help us overcome. These are declarations we can know about God and our journey to help propel us into victory.

1. You are never alone. A battle becomes a million times harder when you feel alone in it. And many people, in their toughest of battles, feel alone, despite the fact that there may be people around who say they love you and want to help. The truth is, only God can fill the core place of emptiness in our hearts.

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This is not to discount the value of relationships, for they are indeed a beneficial aid in life. Many things can be overcome when you know there are people who support you. But in the end, the heart of an overcomer can only be built when our source is built on the never ending presence of Christ, who said He would never leave us or forsake us. He also said He would never leave us as orphans.

During battles, we feel alone. We think we are the only ones going through this. Our faith is challenged. It is in these times that we trust He is there. This is what can usher in the greatest victories in our lives.

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2. You never have to stay the same. The past can easily define us if we do not get healed from it. Many become crippled by their past. The shame of mistakes or character issues follow them and haunt their hearts. I have even watched some people feel completely disqualified from making a difference in life because of their past mess-ups.


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