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Big Church or Little Church: What’s Best for Your Kids?

small-churchesFour years ago, I made the unusual decision to volunteer in my Church’s Sunday school. I had no experience with children, and no idea what I was getting myself into, but I felt like God was calling me to become more involved in the Church. To say my first day was a trial by fire would be an understatement (children and balloons are a deadly combination), but gradually I got the hang of things and learned to love my time as a volunteer. There was just one problem though, many of the Child Care workers wanted to attend the adult service, but our limited numbers meant we spent most Sundays with the children. On the other hand, if children sat with their parents, their rambunctious nature would have them causing noise and distractions.

It turns out this issue isn’t limited to my home church. Many Christians wonder how they can balance their care of children on Sundays with times of worship for adults. The theologian John Piper was recently posed this question during an interview, and his response on the blog Desiring God ended up being rather surprising. Rather than attend Sunday school, Piper believes children should accompany their parents to the service. After all, he reasons, it’s important that children see their parents fall in love with God,


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