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How the Church Lost the Gift of Discernment-Pt2

In this season, spirits of delusion will introduce into the church the spirit of the world and attempt to nullify the grace of God. The views of truth necessary to purify the church are not those the world gives but those that are communicated by the Spirit of God. Spirits of delusion will attempt to lead God’s people away from the reality of the kingdom as expressed in the Book of Acts.

Discerning Hearts 1400

False prophetic spirits will announce the sufferings of Christ but not His glory. They will agree with Christ crucified but not Christ risen and the power of His resurrection.

They will even promote the gospel of God’s grace but not the gospel of Christ’s glory. The preaching of Christ’s glory elicits the greatest enmity from Satan and is what he has worked so diligently to keep veiled from the eyes of the church.

Simply having a zeal for God is not sufficient to safeguard oneself against the deception of these deluding spirits. According to Romans 10:2-3, zeal must be accompanied by divine truth. Sincerity alone is not adequate, either. With sincerity of heart, Uzzah reached his hand to steady the Ark of the Covenant, yet his action cost him his life because he did not follow the Lord’s protocol.

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All of us can fall prey to the influence of seducing spirits when our works are performed as religious duties rather than out of a heart of passion for our Savior based in truth. By the grace of God, we are being compelled to return to the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.

Rightly Discerning the Word

A provision of heaven is set aside for this generation that is unprecedented. However, to appropriate this gift properly, we must accept God’s refining fire so we can recognize seeds of corruption in our souls that can hinder our ability to receive His heavenly resources.

We have an open invitation to come boldly before God’s throne of grace; yet the journey remains sacred and holy, requiring clean hands and a pure heart. The fruit of those who genuinely have their spiritual eyes and ears open and experience God in this way will be evident.


Revelations birthed in the soulish imagination will be likewise apparent. When people are moved by soulish inclinations, they open the way for the imagination to formulate images and mental pictures that clearly do not carry the authenticity of third-heaven revelation.

Misleading messages also can manifest through prophetic words of flattery and self-promotion. That is not to say that a word from the Lord is always correctional or chastening–quite the contrary. God does point out areas needing grace and transformation, but with a spirit of reassurance and expectancy. His reproofs are galvanized in charity and comfort to our spirits–not necessarily to our flesh.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit helps us live above the realm of worldly influences. But the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places have set themselves in opposition to the working of the Holy Spirit through God’s people. Not only will this evil defiance create snares and traps for believers, but it will also assail our minds and spirits during seasons of prayer.

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At times it may seem we are easily able to move directly into the realm of the Spirit during prayer. At other times it may seem as though all the forces of hell are opposing us as we attempt to come before the throne of grace in prayer and intercession.




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